3M Filtration

Variety of water filtration and treatment options for healthy drinking water and efficient water systems.

AK Industries

Sump and sewage basins for residential and commercial SSE installs.


Premium fiberglass and acrylic bathware products with an unmatched breadth of designs.


Custom engineered foam products and components to meet insulation needs.


Thermal expansion tanks for safe operation of water heating systems.

Bradford White

The only American-made, American-owned, wholesale-only water heater and boiler manufacturer in the United States.


Manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures, washroom accessories and Keltech® tankless electric water heaters for commercial applications.


Water and gas supply connections from the interior wall to the end source fixture or appliance.


A leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, residential and commercial mini-split and VRF systems.


Flexible, corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) for natural gas and propane distribution.

Harris Products Group

Metal working products used in the brazing, soldering, welding, cutting and gas distribution industries

Heritage Plastics

PVC pipe products for DWV applications and electrical conduit.


Hydronic boilers for residential and commercial space heating, radiant floor heating and volume water heating, covering a range of 50,000 to 5,000,000 BTUs.


Diverse line of residential and commercial HVAC components and replacement parts.

Magic Pak

Simplify bidding and installation on every heating and cooling Job.


An industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories and hand tools for professional users.


Fiberglass tubs, tub walls, laundry tubs, mop basins, shower floors and more.


Sump, sewage, effluent and submersible pumps for domestic water distribution in residential applications.


Distributes an unmatched array of more than 6,000 plumbing products under Oatey, Cherne, Hercules, Dearborn and Harvey brands.


Energy-efficient, variable-speed, domestic booster systems for commercial applications.

Red-White Valve

Array of valve products for domestic water and hydronic heating systems.

SJE Rhombus

Manufacturer of switches and control panels ideal for residential and commercial pump systems.


PVC fittings for DWV and Schedule 40 applications.

Tjernlund Products

Quality products solving exhaust, ventilation and heating/cooling issues.


The world’s premier PEX-a pipe manufacture for commercial and residential potable and hydronic applications.

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