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ITEC – International Training Excellence Center 

Bradford White Technical Training

Bradford White’s International Technical Excellence Center (iTEC™) in Middleville, MI gives new and seasoned technicians both hands-on and classroom training on all Bradford White products.

Technical Videos

Get Bradford White Troubleshooting Tips on the Fly

Bradford White offers an extensive library of technical training videos right on their website. Videos cover commercial and residential water heater and boiler installs. 

For The Pro Website & Training Academy

An Exclusive Website Only for Bradford White Professional Contractors

Bradford White stands behind the pro every day. For The Pro and its Trainign Academy is loaded with exclusive features only for Bradford White professional contractors. For The Pro Training Academy offeres an unparallelled mix of eLearning, Live virtual training, and in-person training at Bradford’s ITEC facility. 

Designed to Fit Your Vision

Installation Videos 

Mustee offers install training on several key products in their shower and bath lineup

Click below for the video library.

Topaz Bathtub and Wall Installation

Infinite Comfort.

Distributor and Contractor Portal 

Fujitsu's portal is an unmatched resource for mini-split training for both contractors and distributors.

Fully redeisgned in 2022, Fujitsu’s portal allows ditribuors and contractors to analyze and accurately track their Fujitsu business. Click below to login or setup your account.

Infinite Comfort Pro App

Fujitsu General’s Infinite Comfort Pro App is like having an electronic catalog in your pocket! Designed to help HVAC contractors and distributors easily find, view, and sort Fujitsu General Halcyon mini-split and Airstage J-Series systems.

American Strong Hydronic Heating

LAARS Academy Training  

Laars is now offering both factory training and online Laars Academy sessions.

The Laars Customer Center is a 70 seat live-fire training facility designed specifically to educate HVAC professionals about hydronic systems and Laars’ current and next generation of heating technologies.

YouTube Training 

LAARS has an extensive catalog of troubleshooting and training on YouTube.

Nothing But Heavy Duty.

E-Rebate Redemption  

Open for 2022 Redemption Deadlines

Contractors have until 7-10 days after a promo period ends to redeem their free goods. As always, promos will sell out throughout each promo period, so we encousrage redemption as soon as you make a purchase. 2022  promo deadlines:

– May 10, 2022 (for Feb. 1 to April 30, 2022 promos)

– Aug. 10, 2022 (for May 1 to July 31, 2022 promos)


The System Is The Solution

Get Certified 

Contractors Must Be Certified to Install Gastite CSST

You can now get certified online to install FlashShield. Gastite has developed the online training course, so contractors can choose to take it whenever and wherever is best for them. Gastite certifies only industry professionals.

XR3 Fitting End Prep for FlashShield+

The Choice of Plumbing Professionals

Oatey University Training

Oatey University offers a variety of training opportunities! Get more info by clicking below!

MODA Supply Boxes

The Industry's Most Advanced Supply Box System

Completely modular and flexible, MODASupply Box System provides infinite solutions for every supply box need. The box’s two-piece valve design makes valve replacement easy to repair, without damaging drywall.

True Blue Bath Waste  

Save Labor and Make More Money on Bathtub Installs

Designed with the plumber in mind, the True Blue bath waste is innovative from top to bottom. View the video below to see how features, such as integrated locking components that simplify installation, and quarter-turn test plugs make testing quick and painless.

Oatey FAQs 

Oatey customer service and technical support have compiled a list of their most commonly asked questions. This helpful resource can save you lots of time on common troubleshooting and product questions

Uponor Online Training Videos

A comprehensive collection of Uponor best practices

Uponor Pro Login

A great Uponor resource for wholesalers and contractors. You must have a login to access. 

Don’t See the Training You Need?

Give us a shout to request any virtual or in-person plumbing, HVAC/R, or hydronic training associated with our lines.

From water heaters to filtration to boilers to mini-splits, we love sharing our knowledge with those of you selling and installing our products. 

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