The Old-School Drain Cleaning Method

But I’ve always just done it this way,” said the contractor.

We hear this a lot during our day-to-day work in the field, especially when it comes to drain cleaning. Most of the plumbing world has been using a few core drain cleaning products for years, and whether those tools are truly efficient has never been questioned.

Drain cleaning on its surface is a fairly uncomplicated issue: a drain is clogged due to some obstruction and must be unclogged. So, the contractor must find the obstruction, eliminate and/or fix the obstruction, and work to prevent the obstruction from repeating. However, drain cleaning experts know these seemingly simple scenarios can become a homeowner’s nightmare when aging pipes, adventurous trees, or other foreign objects decide to take “root” in a customer’s pipes.

When contractors get these calls, they likely turn to their trusty drain cleaning tools to get the job accomplished because they’ve always just cleaned drains this way.

Did You Mention a Renaissance?

What if these small business owners could get betters results with less labor and increase revenues with more service calls? 

Here is where Milwaukee Tool’s lineup of battery-powered Milwaukee drain cleaning solutions comes into their arsenal. Milwaukee has rethought the drain cleaning process and developed an arsenal of power tools that require zero cords, better contain the mess from unclogging obstructions, and uses interchangeable parts to minimize the total number of tools carried on service trucks.

The leaders in power tool innovation have once again put their efforts into decreasing the hassle factor for end users in the field and providing them with money-making tool solutions.

Each Milwaukee tool reinvents the typical service call with portable and versatile drain cleaning solutions. Gone are the days with contractors searching for power outlets for their tools because each of Milwaukee’s drain cleaning innovations is powered by their unmatched REDLITHIUM battery technology. Therefore, contractors enjoy less expense in buying and replacing power cords, less labor spent unwinding and winding cords, and more money in their pocket every day.

Milwaukee Drain Cleaning Solutions

There are currently several solutions in the growing Milwaukee drain cleaning lineup: 

  • For a go-anywhere solution to the old-school drum system: The M18 FUELTM Switch Pack Sectional Drum System
  • Embrace a new way to snake drains with a fully self-contained drum and self-feeding  snake solution: The M18 FUELTM Drain Snake with CABLE-DRIVETM Locking Feed System
  • If you’re a contractor who’s already committed to the M12 battery platform and need a drain snake solution: The M12 Drain Snake
  • Harness the power of compressed air and kinetic energy to unclog drains: M12 AIRSNAKETM Drain Cleaning Air Gun
  • Whether a public or private restroom, keep porcelain pristine with low-RPM augers: M12 TRAPSNAKETM Porcelain Auger System

Milwaukee wasn’t satisfied with reinventing drain cleaning tools because they went ahead and re-engineered the drain cleaning cable, too. Their drain cables with RUST GUARDTM technology are the market leader in rust protection, durability, and maneuverability, and they last three times longer than competing cables due to Milwaukee’s proprietary coating, which fights the oxidation and rusting that plagues traditional products.

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Tool Innovations to Improve Your Work

New technology is always a little intimidating. Smart devices increased the efficiencies in our daily lives by allowing us to be productive away from our office space. Over time they have become commonplace in all industries, including plumbing, by helping companies make more money.

Milwaukee is following a similar path with its tool innovations. Their tools are allowing end users to expand their reach and revenue by increasing their labor output with less work. The contractor is always top-of-mind with Milwaukee, and their ever-growing drain cleaning solutions are just another example of why they continue to be the leading innovators in power tool technology.

If you have questions about Milwaukee drain cleaning or other Milwaukee products, please call our office at 724-981-5500, and we’ll put you in touch with the outside sales contact closest to your business.