After manufacturing products for nearly 90 years, you’d think a well-established company such as E.L. Mustee would have a little more respect. Yes, we always enjoy hearing from plumbers about how they “always use Mustee,” but the reality is they don’t always use Mustee.

And why is that?

They Get No Respect

For one, many plumbers think Mustee still only makes laundry tubs and showers that fit under the basement stairs. And yes, no one makes a better laundry tub than Mustee, so we always take pride in seeing laundry rooms with their product.

However, Mustee has invested in significant product expansions over several years to include some of the best and most affordable sheet-molded-compound (SMC) product in the industry. From bathtubs to shower bases to wall sets, Mustee offers an extensive lineup of eye-catching product.

There’s More to the Mustee Lineup

Their T6030 TOPAZ bathtub has been a hallmark of the Mustee lineup for several years, but contractors are still just starting to give attention to this versatile product. The 60” X 30” bathtub is made from Mustee’s premium VARISTONE fiberglass and fits several finished wall options, including Mustee TOPAZ and DURAWALL or tile walls.

Mustee T6032 TOPAZ bathtub and 680WHT TOPAZ wall set.

The new T6032 TOPAZ bathtub launches soon and adds a much-demanded larger size to the Mustee lineup. This new product offers the same premium VARISTONE construction as the original TPAZ bathtub with a larger footprint. This product fits a nice niche with home builders or contractors doing residential remodel work.

Earlier this year, Mustee introduced a great bathtub wall addition to their TOPAZ lineup. The 680WHT TOPAZ bathtub wall offers a new, modern design with tile accents along the back wall. This direct-to-stud bathtub wall is easy to install and allows for quicker job completion times.

Mustee is also offering a new option for contractors doing Accessible/Aging-in-Place work. The 680WHTBB TOPAZ bathtub wall offers the same beautiful design with the additional of factory-installed backer boards to grab bar and seat placement.

An Easy Install

Embrace the Space

A significant trend over the past few years has been a move from whirlpool-type tubs to more abundant showers. Homeowners want the luxurious feel of the older whirlpool tub but with the convenience and immediacy of a shower. Mustee has fully embraced this trend by continuing to expand their already full shower base lineup.

Mustee’s lineup of premium fiberglass, extra-large shower bases.

With 36-inch, 42-inch, and 48-inch depths, Mustee’s deep and super large shower bases can fit any application from residential homes to high-rise apartments to senior care facilities. Costs rise quickly with a full tile or marble shower, but Mustee’s shower bases provide homeowners with material savings that can be moved to higher-end fixtures. That’s pure luxury.

Remember…there’s a lot more to Mustee than laundry tubs and basement showers. Mustee is the best in the business in equipping laundry rooms and basements. But, contractors are missing out on a great selection of profitable and affordable products if they aren’t installing Mustee’s lineup of premium fiberglass products.

As always, call our team if you’re looking for more info on these new additions to the Mustee catalog.