Fewer Contractors with More to Do

Contractors know better than most how much every minute of their time is worth. Because of this, the best contractors maximize those minutes to optimize their daily output and manage successful businesses.

Our primary goal as a manufacturers’ rep agency in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky is to help contractors gain more valuable time by using our products. Through immersive jobsite training, we help contractors become more profitable with time-saving product solutions. 

Several of those solutions come from the team at Oatey. When it comes to multi-family and residential construction, contractors small to large all depend on their ability to streamline labor in order to make jobs profitable. So, every detail, product, and service that can save them time on the job equates to more money toward their business.

A Bath Waste That Provides Contractors More Profits

Recently, Oatey introduced several new plumbing solutions to minimize contractors’ labor hours and help them do more with fewer resources. These solutions are increasingly important as fewer contractors remain available to take on an increased workload from homeowners.

The new TrueBlue bath waste is a prime example of a time-saving plumbing solution. For years, contractors were forced to wrestle with inefficient bath waste designs. As such, they often spent significantly more time on tub installs and changeouts. Their valuable time was wasted because of loose gaskets, tricky overflow covers, or leaks during testing.

Many contractors do this work in tight spaces with limited visibility and similar products waste their time when gaskets fall off. The TrueBlue bath waste system solves this frustration with the industry’s first locking rubber gasket on the drain elbow. No more lost gaskets when installing tubs at difficult angles, and no more extra time spent on jobs.

When it comes to overflow covers, TrueBlue offers a completely tool-free install. The high-flow cover can be installed at any alignment, and depth adjustability is as simple as a clockwise turn to accommodate any tub style. Lastly, overflow leaks are virtually eliminated with TrueBlue’s next-gen memory-foam gasket offering superior compression and leak path reduction.

The Oatey Supply Box Solution to Make Job Finish a Breeze  

There’s a growing trend in multi-family and residential building using modular supply boxes, which provide multiple water supply solutions – washing machine, ice maker, lavatory, etc. – in the same supply box footprint.

Contractors are moving to this install process because all their water connections can be made in the rough construction portion of the building. Once water connections are made, construction finish becomes a breeze with a simple supply connection to the fixtures and the install of the supply box faceplate.

Oatey introduced their MODA Supply Box System to fulfill this demand in the market. The MODA system offers a robust, PVC supply box body and is the leading supply box with replaceable valves. This is thanks to the patented Loc-Pin technology. Because the MODA supply valves are replaceable, the contractor can rely on reduced labor costs from initial install to any potential service in the future.

Oatey MODA supply boxes offer multiple, creative solutions to plumbing fixture connections.

The full MODA Lineup of modular supply box solutions from Oatey.

Additionally, Oatey introduced the new fire-rated MODA supply boxes to give contractors all the MODA features they love while still meeting commercial building codes. Whether creatively hiding an air-admittance valve or helping reduce labor costs on jobs, Oatey’s modular supply box solution offers contractors endless ways to get more productivity in their installs.

Preferred Sales Is Ready to Train Your Team on Oatey Plumbing Solutions

We’ve seen firsthand how contractors are putting more money in their pockets when they choose Oatey solutions for their job as the manufacturers’ representatives for Oatey plumbing products. Our team is ready to work with those interested and provide training on these or other Oatey products. Call our team at 724-981-5500 to be directed to our team members working closest to your business.