Contractors installing tankless water heaters have many options to consider when working with their customers.

One of the first options is whether tankless is even the right product for a customer’s needs. The luxury of endless hot water is appealing to most consumers, but contractors must take responsibility to educate their customers on how groundwater temperature, tankless set point, and the total number of fixtures all affect the flow rate and overall performance of tankless water heaters.

Once an application is deemed correct for tankless, contractors must consider which tankless model to install. Lucky for them there are some high-quality products from which to choose, and one model leading the pack is Bradford White’s new InfinitiTM K Series tankless water heater.

The InfinitiTM K Series stands out from competition with its one-of-a-kind STEADISET™ Technology, which maintains a consistent water temperature without the use of an internal buffer tank. Buffer tanks can potentially decrease the overall efficiency of a tankless water heater while also increasing maintenance issues; however, many manufacturers must incorporate them to eliminate “cold water sandwiches”.

These “sandwiches” are intermittent flows of cold water that will temporarily chill a customer during their shower or other hot water uses. No one needs that in their life (unless you’re trying to exact revenge on an annoying cousin), and contractors can eliminate a chilly (get it?) phone call from a customer by looking to the smarter solution – InfinitiTM K Series.

Bradford White has built a tankless unit for high performance and easy installation with top plumbing connections that can easily take the place of a traditional, tank-type water heater. As a water heater manufacturer dedicated to making products “For The Pro”, Bradford White made sure to design install and maintenance features that would leave their contractors as satisfied as the end users.

Contractors will also love the longest venting capability in the tankless industry, which will solve install headaches for tricky vent runs. Bradford White has included built-in service and flush valves on the bottom of the unit while also including the pressure relief valve and tapping. This is one of the most contractor- and install-friendly units on the market. There is no need for both contractors and homeowners to spend extra money on service kits when they pick the InfinitiTM K Series Tankless.

Homeowners are making a big investment when they decide to go tankless. They are putting trust in their contractor that the installed product will deliver the luxuries they expect when visions of endless hot water dance through their heads at night. For contractors, they get the backing of the only American Strong water heater manufacturer on the market; one that continually creates innovative water heating products to support the Professional.

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