A Manufacturers’ Rep WFH Toolbox

Collaborating in the remote work age can be difficult. Our Vice President of Sales Michelle Lewnes-Dadas recently joined AIM/R for a webinar titled, “Managing Through Disruption – A Discussion for Rep Agencies in a COVID-19 Environment.” During her portion of the webinar, Michelle shared how our agency is succeeding in today’s business environment. We’ll share the CliffsNotes version of her section here.

Trading Shots for Stacks: Jessica’s Story of Joining Our Industry

The job was with a company that treated its team like family. I would be creating relationships with wholesalers that knew and personally appreciated our team. I would be working with contractors who proved things like dignity, work ethic, and hard work still existed. So, I took the job. It has been 18 months of learning one thing new every day and finding new, creative ways to solve problems. I have found a home with this company, which means more to me than any paycheck.

With ‘Essential’ Designations Come ‘Essential’ Responsibilities

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is changing so quickly most of us can’t keep up (either with the news or our own personal inventory of toilet paper). Our industry has been granted the privilege of continued work (with some exceptions in Pennsylvania) because the services we offer are indeed essential to everyday living. The title of “Essential” brings the responsibility of living up to an “Essential” standard.

These New E.L. Mustee Products are Head Turning

After manufacturing products for nearly 90 years, you’d think a well-established company such as E.L. Mustee would have a little more respect. Yes, we always enjoy hearing from plumbers about how they “always use Mustee,” but the reality is they don’t always use Mustee. Mustee has invested in significant product expansions over several years to include some of the best and most affordable sheet-molded-compound (SMC) product in the industry. From bathtubs to shower bases to wall sets, Mustee offers an extensive lineup of eye-catching product.